Who we are

A passion, for wine, trasmitted by generations, rooted in vineyards of Liberi’s family, of which Pier Francesco keep the eredity going with success since 2016, making reality his grandfather’s dream: work for an entire year the fruit with accuracy, subliming it with the vinification.

Experience and researches, comparisons and studies have taken NUMA to represent a real institution in the winery sector: from 2016 to 2019 Pier Francesco has dedicated to the territory, between olive trees and vineyards, reaching the maturity necessary to realize his project, source of the work

Since 1997, from his grandfather, modern fan of biological agriculture, and from the experimental micro vinification done during the harvest period, useful for the research of the best way of vinification and conservation of the product.

Since 2019 Pier Francesco Liberi has decided to vinify the white and red grapes born in his territories; after an accurate harvest, work and conservation, since 2021 over 10 thousands bottles a year are present on the market, mainly addressed to a customer that can appreciate the effort and the results achieved thanks to a sperimetation and research.